Reusable capsules Sealpod for Nespresso ® - 2 pcs

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reusable nespresso capsules

With this 2 pcs SEALPOD set prepare your own, top-quality capsules for Nespresso ® coffee makers from ecologically pure materials. While using this kit, you prepare 2 prefilled capsules.

Set: 2x stainless capsule, 120 pcs sticky aluminum lids, plastic measuring coffee cup, 2x seal, 2x rubber lid to keep the coffee fresh, manual. Packed in cardboard box.


The stainless steel body allows a higher pressure to be reached inside the capsule, resulting in an intense coffee flavour and a rich crema. By using this SEALPOD kit you will be able to enjoy the highest quality coffee, so we recommend it.

The capsule is made of stainless steel and the lid is made of aluminium foil.

How to use a reusable capsule:

  1. Fill the capsule to the top with coffee, gently squeeze the coffee. Remove any excess coffee from the capsule.
    Clear the extra residual coffee from the capsule.
  2. Close the capsule by sticking on the lid.
  3. Then continue as you usually do with the regular capsule.
  4. Done. Enjoy your coffee and save money :-)

Compatibility: Pixie™, Citiz™ et Citiz-Milk™, Concept™, Essenza™ et Essenza Krups™, Gran Maestria™, Inissia™, Latissima™ et Latissima+™, Le Cube™, Maestria™, U™, Umilk™ and other Nespresso® type devices.

nespresso kapsule

How to choose the right coffee?

If you buy pre-ground coffee, choose the " Mokka " type. If you are going to grind the coffee yourself, we recommend that you grind the coffee beans using a grinder with ceramic grinding wheels, as shown in the picture, for a slightly larger grind than espresso.

Would you like to have a good coffee grinder?

Check out our "Mlynko" coffee grinder with ceramic grinding wheels and options to adjust the coffee grind size. 

Prepare coffee like a professional barista

The tamper helps you press the coffee into the capsule. Use the Barista pen to draw beautiful ornaments on the milk foam.



Frothy milk for cappuccino

Make a delicious cappuccino froth with a hand-held milk frother. Buy it here.

How about tea or chocolate?

Although not yet typical of Nespresso coffee machines, it is possible to make tea or chocolate using sticky paper filters. If you want to experiment with new drinks, you can buy paper filters.

Maintaining coffee quality

Regular cleaning and descaling of your coffee maker will help maintain the quality of your coffee. See the cleaning kit for capsule coffee machines.

Portable coffee machine compatible with Nespresso capsules

Would you like to enjoy a lovely espresso on the go?  With the Wacaco Minipresso NS mechanical coffee maker, you can prepare coffee using Nespresso capsules (original or our stainless steel capsules) even without electricity. You can find the coffee maker here.

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Nespresso Basic set:

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Nespresso Basic set:

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