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The cleaning capsules help your Nespresso machine to remove all the oil, coffee grounds and dirt, so that your cup of coffee is more hygienic and tastes as good as when your machine was new.

Pack of 10 capsules. Compatibility: Nespresso original line, not compatible with vertuo line.

3 reasons to use Nespresso cleaning capsules:

  1. Better coffee taste. By cleaning the brewing chamber, you will remove any residual flavours from the previous brew and other impurities, allowing you to make the same delicious coffee as when your machine was new.
  2. Machine care. Regular cleaning of your Nespresso coffee machine will help the machine to extend its life.
  3. Health care. Regular cleaning removes most of the bacteria from the coffee machine, whose breeding ground is coffee grounds.

Made in Taiwan. Manufacturer: Sealpod. The package does not contain descaling powder.

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