Tea from ECO capsule, why not?

Tea from the coffee maker? Yes, with our refillable capsules!

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Have you also thought about how to simplify the preparation of loose tea? Of course, it's no big science… But that small tea particles swimming on the top are not the best as well. Try to make tea using an Eko capsule. It is simple and quick!

How to prepare tea from the refillable capsule


Refillable capsules for Dolce Gusto or Nespresso coffee machines are truly ready to prepare anything. Not only different kinds of delicious coffee. They are also ideal for making chocolate drinks for children and even making tea! What tea can you make with an Eko capsule?

  • Loose tea. Making tea using loose tea is a nightmare for many people. No one likes the pieces of tea in the cup! There are various sieves through which tea is recommended to be brewed. However, there is always some tea particle in the mug! Does it bother you, too? In this case, we recommend preparing your tea using an Eko capsule. It's really simple. Put the proper amount of loose tea into the refillable capsule as per the instructions on the package. Close the capsule and proceed the usual way as with making coffee.
  • Instant tea. You may say that making tea in Nespresso or Dolce Gusto coffee machines is nonsense. But it has its advantages! Instant tea from your coffee machine will be prepared much quicker as if you were pouring water over it from the kettle. You can even make ice tea. All you have to do is select the blue color on the coffee machine to symbolize and choose the cold water.

Tips to prepare tasty teas with refillable EKO capsule

Try to prepare the tea that is ideal as a summer refreshment, for example, to take it to the pool!

Pour your favorite instant tea into an Eko capsule. Use a tall glass. Choose a blue color for cold water on the coffee machine. You can add a few ice cubes, lemon juice and a brown sugar cube to make the drink special.

How about trying your blend of loose teas? Put in a refillable capsule, for example, a few leaves of fresh (or dried) mint.

Add loose fruit tea of your choice to get a pleasant fruit-fresh drink. This way you can prepare various drinks and follow your fantasy while using the refillable capsules.

Enjoy your drink! 

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