Tea from the ECO capsule, why not?

Tea from the coffeemaker? Yes, with our refillable capsules!

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Have you ever thought about how to make loose tea easier to brew? Of course, it's not rocket science... But those little tea particles floating on top aren't the best either. Try making tea with an Eco capsule. It is quick and easy!

How to make tea from a refillable capsule


The Refillable capsules for Dolce Gusto or Nespresso coffee machines really are ready for anything. Not just different types of delicious coffee. They are also ideal for making chocolate drinks for children and even tea! What kind of tea can you make with an Eko capsule?

  • Loose tea. Brewing loose tea is a nightmare for many people. Nobody likes the pieces of tea in the cup! There are all sorts of sieves you are supposed to put the tea through. But there are always some tea particles in the cup! Does this bother you too? If so, we recommend that you make your tea using an eco-capsule. It's really easy. Pour the correct amount of loose tea into the refillable capsule according to the instructions on the packaging. Close the capsule and proceed as you would when making coffee.
  • Instant tea. You might say that making tea in a Nespresso or Dolce Gusto coffee machine is nonsense. But it has its advantages! Instant tea from your coffee maker is prepared much faster than if you poured water over it from a kettle. You can even make iced tea. All you have to do is select the blue symbol on the coffee machine and choose cold water.

Tips to prepare tasty teas with refillable ECO capsule

Try making the perfect summer refreshment tea to take to the pool!

Pour your favourite instant tea into an Eco capsule. Use a tall glass. Choose a blue colour for the cold water on the coffee maker. You can add a few ice cubes, lemon juice and a cube of brown sugar to make the drink special.

Why not experiment with a loose tea blend? Put a few leaves of fresh (or dried) mint in a refillable capsule.

Add the loose fruit tea of your choice and you have a nice, fresh fruit drink. In this way, you can make different drinks and let your imagination run wild with the refillable capsules.

Enjoy your drink! 

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