Cleaning kit for coffee machines

  • Cleaning kit for coffee machines
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6,90 €
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Brand: ECO capsules

To maintain the fresh taste of your coffee, your coffee maker and its equipment must be cleaned regularly

To clean the chamber of the capsule coffee maker, it is necessary to use the refillable capsules from our shop (not part of the kit).

The cleaning kit includes:

1x Cleaning powder cleans the coffee stains in the coffee maker chamber and the refillable capsule. Mix the powder with the water and also clean the other refillable capsules and waste areas of the coffee maker. For 2x cleaning.

4x Descaler removes limescale from the water reservoir, water pipes and coffee maker pump. For 4x descaling.

The kit also includes instructions in English and a measuring cup for the cleansing powder.

Producer: URNEX Brands, LLC, made in UK.

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