Cocoa or hot chocolate?

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Let the kids enjoy the tasty drink from the coffee machine

Your kids as well probably like to pretend they are„adults“ and have a coffee session. Of course this delicious drink is not suitable for them. But you can put a smile on their face by preparing the excellent chocolate drink and organize for them the „coffee session“as adults do.

All you need is Dolce Gusto or Nespresso coffee maker and of course refillable capsule, you could buy it via the link at the end of the article.

Drinks for kids using EKO capsules

If you have capsule coffee maker, for sure you buy for your kids regularly Nesquik capsules with the great taste of the chocolate drink. And from time to time, you also please your tastebuds by it. Who would resist the excellent taste of the chocolate with the great foam on the top?

It is not cheap to buy all these capsules regularly. Therefore we have an alternative for you. Refillable capsules to prepare not only Nesquik but also other excellent drinks for kids. What is the advantage? On the market, the offer to buy the Dolce Gusto or Nespresso capsules for kids is minimal. But with the eko capsule you have many more options. What are they?

Nesquik from EKO capsule

Prepare the famous Nesquik also from the eko capsule. It is very simple. Buy the regular package of this drink but with the Eko capsule prepare much more. Not only you save the money, but also save a lot of waste to be produced.

Good old fashioned hot chocolate drink from the refillable capsule

There are countless types of powdered chocolate drinks – hot chocolate – in the shops. Choose the tastiest flavor and make a drink for your kids from the Eko capsule.

How to do it? Just fill the refillable capsule with the powdered chocolate and if you like, add sugar or stevia. Also, feel free to add a pinch of cinnamon or vanilla. Or let the kids make the chocolate as they want it, even with the vanilla ice cream.

And why is this Nesquik or chocolate from the Eko capsule better for kids than the one prepared the regular way – pouring hot water into the mug? The preparation is very simple but the kids also appreciate soft and tasty foam. And if they can also participate in the drink preparation, they will love it! Their drink will be done by the real coffee machine – as the real adults!

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