6 ways to prepare tasty coffee

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Refillable capsules and ground coffee? Make an excellent espresso at home!

Do you also often prepare regular coffee? Want to try some change? Why not finally try the top quality coffee as we usually drink in the best Italian cafeterias? Using our refillable capsule, you can prepare the best coffee also at home.

Would you like to make the coffee preparation and its drinking ritual to be an extraordinary experience? Add some extra ingredients into the Eko capsules.

Coffee is for a long time not black only. Enjoy many exotic and exciting flavors of espresso coffee while using your EKO capsules. Once starting to use the refillable capsules, you never come back to the regular capsules!

Boost the coffee from EKO capsules by adding various flavors

Sugar, milk or honey? These are the usual ingredients with our coffees. Do you know how to make it different though? Change your coffee into a tasty, new and unusual drink! Try the unique flavor by adding these ingredients:

  • Cardamom.  It is a natural ingredient with coffee, especially in the Middle East. This spice not only adds the coffee the exotic taste but also acts as the neutralizer of the caffeine effect. Ideal if you drink coffee more times a day. Just sprinkle the spice over the coffee.

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  • Cinnamon. Do you prefer the stronger taste and also sweet coffee? Swap then regular sugar for cinnamon. It improves not only the taste of the coffee but also strengthens the immune system. And the most important, cinnamon has fewer calories than sugar!
  • Salt. Do you think coffee with salt is a total no go? Of course not. A pinch of salt makes the bitter taste of coffee much more pleasant.
  • Vanilla essence. Have you ever thought of make the coffee sweeter by something else than sugar? The best alternative is vanilla or almond essence. Ideal for preparing the coffee with Eko capsules. Add a couple of drops into the mild ground coffee into the refillable capsule. The drink will have a slight vanilla taste.

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  • Coconut milk. If you don't mind the coconut taste, prepare an alternative – healthy latte by adding coconut milk.
  • Ice cream. All of us like to spoil ourselves. Coffee and sweets go hand in hand. And what about the scoop of vanilla ice cream into the coffee? A great idea especially in summer.

EKO capsules = excellent and cheap espresso

Forget the expensive branded capsules, that usually go into the trash after use. Use EKO capsules and make your very own espresso almost for free. Moreover, you are not limited at all by capsules and coffee brands that come from the producers.

Choose any coffee you like.

How to do it?

You would need refillable capsules, your favorite mild ground coffee and capsule coffee maker as Nespresso or Dolce Gusto. Prepare also some other ingredients we will mention later. Let's go and prepare excellent coffee!

1. Buy the refillable capsules. The link to order the capsules is below the article. One eko capsule is ready to be used approximately 50 times. If you provide it with proper care, its lifelong span can be even more.

2. Choose your favorite, mild ground coffee beans as you like it.

3. Put approx. 7 grams of coffee into the refillable capsule and press gently by a plunger that comes with the Eko capsule.  

4. Close the capsule and place it into the holder of coffee maker  Nespresso or Dolce Gusto. Place the capsule into the holder, so it perfectly fits in the designed place.

5. Finish the coffee exactly as you would with the single-use capsule

Your excellent coffee is ready! What are the benefits of a drink prepared like this? Coffee made this way is much more gentle to your stomach and its taste is also much better. Preparing coffee like this doesn't let too much caffeine be released into the coffee as it would happen with the regular coffee preparation.

At the top, there is wonderful light milk foam. And as a bonus, you save not only money but also the environment. Think about it – how much money and useless capsule packages are saved this way!

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