6 ways to prepare tasty coffee

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Refillable capsules and ground coffee? Make a great espresso at home!

Do you often make regular coffee too? Would you like to try something different? Why not try the top quality coffee we drink in the best Italian cafeterias? With our refillable capsule you can make the best coffee at home.

Do you want to make the preparation and drinking of your coffee a special experience? Add a few extra ingredients to the ECO capsules.

Coffee is no longer just black. Enjoy many exotic and exciting flavours of espresso coffee while using your EKO capsules. Once you start using refillable capsules, you will never go back to regular capsules!

Enhance coffee from ECO capsules by adding different flavour

Sugar, milk or honey? These are the usual ingredients in our coffees. But do you know how to do it differently? Turn your coffee into a tasty, new and unusual drink! Try the unique flavour by adding these ingredients:

  • Cardamom.  It is a natural ingredient in coffee, particularly in the Middle East. This spice not only adds an exotic flavour to coffee, but also acts as a neutraliser of the caffeine effect. Ideal if you drink coffee several times a day. Simply sprinkle the spice over your coffee.

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  • Cinnamon. Do you prefer a stronger taste and sweet coffee? Then swap regular sugar for cinnamon. Not only does it improve the taste of your coffee, it also boosts your immune system. Best of all, cinnamon has fewer calories than sugar!
  • Salt. Do you think coffee with salt is a total no-go? Of course not. A pinch of salt makes the bitter taste of coffee much more pleasant.
  • Vanilla essence. Have you ever thought of sweetening your coffee with something other than sugar? The best alternative is vanilla or almond essence. Ideal for making coffee with ECO capsules. Add a few drops to the mild ground coffee in the refillable capsule. The drink will have a light vanilla flavour.

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  • Coconut milk. If you don't mind the coconut taste, you can make a healthy alternative by adding coconut milk to your latte.
  • Ice cream. We all like to treat ourselves. Coffee and sweets go hand in hand. How about a scoop of vanilla ice cream in your coffee? A great idea, especially in the summer.

ECO capsules = excellent and cheap espresso

Forget the expensive branded capsules that usually end up in the bin after use. Use ECO capsules and make your own espresso almost for free. Moreover, you are not limited to the capsules and coffee brands of the manufacturers.

Choose any coffee you like.

How to do it?

You will need refillable capsules, your favourite mild ground coffee and a capsule coffee maker such as Nespresso or Dolce Gusto. You will also need to prepare some other ingredients, which we will mention later. Let's go and make some excellent coffee!

1. Buy the refillable capsules. The link to order the capsules is at the bottom of the article. An ECO capsule can be used approximately 50 times. With proper care, it can last even longer.

2. Choose your favourite mild ground coffee beans to suit your taste.

3. Put about 7 grams of coffee into the refillable capsule and gently squeeze with the plunger supplied with the ECO capsule.

4. Close the capsule and place it in the holder of the Nespresso or Dolce Gusto coffee machine. Place the capsule in the holder so that it fits perfectly in the space provided.

5. Finish your coffee in the same way as you would with a disposable capsule.

Your delicious coffee is ready! What are the advantages of a drink prepared in this way? Coffee made this way is much easier on the stomach and tastes much better. Preparing coffee this way doesn't release too much caffeine into the coffee, as is the case with normal coffee preparation.

At the top is a wonderful light milk foam. And as a bonus, you not only save money, but the environment too. Think about it - how much money and useless capsule packaging will be saved!

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