Which Nespresso coffee maker to choose?

Prepare two ECO capsules, your favourite cappuccino cup and, of course, a Dolce Gusto or Nespresso coffee maker. Fill one ECO capsule to the top with your favourite ground coffee. Close the capsule. Fill the second capsule to the top with milk powder. First, insert a refillable capsule with powdered milk into a Dolce Gusto or Nespresso machine. Use the manual brewing programme.

Switch on the coffee machine and fill the cup a little more than halfway with frothed milk. A good mocha cappuccino should contain up to 2/3 milk and only 1/3 coffee. A coffee capsule is the next step. Fill the coffee cup with the desired amount of coffee. The coffee blends beautifully with the frothed milk, creating a beautiful fine foam on top of the cappuccino.

Did you know that frothed milk tastes much better than regular warm milk? That is why we recommend that you always froth milk for your cappuccino, not just pour it into a coffee cup. Remember to sprinkle cinnamon, cocoa or vanilla on top to enhance the flavour. Now enjoy a delicious homemade cappuccino!

If you want to make your cappuccino even more delicious, add a syrup of your choice to the cup first. For example, if you add chocolate syrup, you will get a deliciously flavoured chocolate cappuccino. There are many ways to make your favourite ground coffee with refillable capsules.

Let your imagination run wild, the sky is the limit! Enjoy!

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