Mlynko Coffee grinder with ceramic grinding stones + cotton bag

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Brand: Mlynko

Mlynko is a Slovak brand of manual coffee grinders made of stainless steel combined with ceramic grindstones. Thanks to Mlynko's ceramic grindstones, you will be able to prepare evenly ground coffee of the desired fraction.

Benefits of the Mlynko coffee grinder 

  • Triangle shape for better grip when grinding. The grinder doesn't slip.
  • Top-quality grinding mechanism allows coffee to be ground to dust consistency on first use.
  • Lockable foldable holder prevents accidental loss, especially during fast grinding.
  • High quality details: stainless steel holder, improved bottom screw for long lasting quality use.
  • Top-quality details: stainless holder, improved bottom screw guarantee the long term quality use
  • Cotton protective bag included.
  • Wooden brush with natural bristles for cleaning the grinder included.

The desired grinding (fraction) is according to your preference. Mlynko is a great companion for preparing different types of coffee.

Portable grinder for travelling

Its compact size makes it the perfect travel companion. The handle is easy to unfold and compact to store.

Grinder weight: 300g, height: 20 cm, side length (triangular shape): 5 cm, crank length when folded: 8 cm. Coffee beans capacity: 24g.

Advantages of ceramic grinders

Coffee beans are crushed, not cut as with electric grinders with knives. The result of the grinding process is evenly sized coffee fractions (pieces) with the possibility of adjusting the grinding size.

Manual coffee grinders with ceramic grinding stones do not heat the coffee during the grinding process, thus preserving the quality of the coffee.

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