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What is the best coffee to use?

Since the machine cannot produce the same pressure as a normal espresso machine, it is better to use coffee with a thicker froth, such as Lavazza.

How do you get a better foam?

First of all, by choosing the right type of coffee. Equally important is the way you fill the capsule. It is necessary to fill the capsule with about 7g of coffee and to press it firmly with a plastic plunger.

What are the benefits of refillable ECO capsules?

Cost savings, environmental benefits and the ability to make the coffee or beverage of your choice.

Why are original ECO Capsules better than "homemade" refillable capsules?

Home-made capsules do not seal properly. Not only the coffee machine, but also the objects around it can easily get dirty. A homemade capsule has a shorter lifespan, you need to use the original capsules to keep it.

Using ECO capsules is very easy, quick and clean. If you are looking for a long-term replacement for original capsules and do not want to experiment too much, ECO capsules are the right choice.

Disposable Nespresso capsules are punctured by the coffee machine, will my stainless steel SEALPOD capsule damage my coffee maker?

No, it won't. The stainless steel capsule is shorter, when closed in the coffee maker, the blades do not even touch the capsule, the coffee maker will be perfectly fine.

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