Withdrawal from the contract

The buyer is entitled to withdraw from the contract without giving any reason within 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods. Only the consumer is entitled to this right.

We have a contact point in every country we ship to where you can send returns or claims (the package will be automatically send to us), therefore there will be no increased costs for shipping. For more information about the contact point in your country, please contact us at info@lesswastecoffee.com

Or you can send the return goods directly to us: NajTrade s.r.o., Nemcovej 30, 040 01 Kosice, Slovakia

Products shall be deemed to have been taken by the buyer at the moment when the buyer or a third party (other than the carrier) takes all the ordered goods or if a)the goods ordered by the buyer in one order are delivered separately, by the moment of receiving the products that were delivered as the last,  (b) provides goods consisting of several parts or items at the time of receipt of the last part or last item; (c) supplies the products repeatedly during a specified period, at the time of receipt of the first goods delivered.

The buyer may withdraw from the contract, the subject of which is the delivery of goods, even before the start of the withdrawal period begins.

The buyer cannot withdraw from the contract, the subject of which is:

  • the sale of goods made as per the specific requirements of the consumer, tailor-made products or goods specifically designed for one consumer,
  • the sale of goods which are subject to rapid deterioration or subversion
  • the sale of goods encased in a protective container which should not be returned for health or hygiene reasons and whose protective container has been broken after delivery (e.g., lids intended to come into contact with food),
  • the sale of goods which, by their nature, may, after delivery, be inseparably mixed with other products.

The buyer may exercise the right of withdrawal in writing or on another durable medium (eg, by e-mail), or by submitting a completed form available here.

The right of withdrawal may also be exercised by sending a notice of withdrawal on the last day of the 14 days.

Upon receipt of the notice of withdrawal, the seller shall refund to the buyer within 14 days at the latest, all payments received by him under or in connection with the contract, including shipping, delivery and shipping costs and other costs and charges. The seller will refund the payment in the same way that the buyer used to make the payment. The buyer may agree with the seller on another form of compensation.

The seller shall not be obliged to pay the buyer additional costs if the buyer has explicitly chosen a method of delivery other than the cheapest standard method of delivery offered by the seller. Additional cost means the difference between the delivery cost selected by the buyer and the cost of the cheapest standard delivery method provided by the seller.

Upon withdrawal from the contract, the seller is not obliged to refund the buyer before the goods are delivered to him or until the buyer proves that the goods are returned to the seller unless the seller suggests picking up the goods in person or through a person authorized by him.

The buyer is obliged to send the goods back or hand them over to the seller or the person authorized by the seller to take over the products within 14 days from the date of withdrawal. This period shall be deemed to be kept if the goods were handed over for transport no later than the last day of the period.

When withdrawing from the contract, the buyer bears only the cost of returning the goods to the seller or the person authorized by the seller to take over the products and also the cost of returning the goods, which due to its nature, cannot be returned by post.

The buyer shall be liable for any reduction in the value of the goods resulting from the handling of the products beyond what is necessary to determine the characteristics and functionality of the goods.

The buyer has the opportunity to test the functionality of the goods after the delivery, but he cannot use the products if he withdraws from the contract. To find out the nature, characteristics and functionality of the goods, the consumer should only manipulate and check the goods in such a way as they would be allowed to do so in a regular store. The buyer is required to handle and control the products with due care during the withdrawal period.

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