Tamper for Dolce Gusto® capsules - 40 mm

  • Tamper for Dolce Gusto® capsules - 40 mm
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17,90 €
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High quality stainless steel tamper guarantees modern and ultimate design. Designed to press coffee in capsules such as Dolce Gusto®, it can also be used with a normal lever espresso machine.  

Diameter: 40 mm. Weight: 220g. Set of 1. Material: stainless steel. Country of origin: China.

How to use the tamper?

The tamper is used by professional baristas when preparing coffee. With the tamper, the coffee is perfectly pressed into the capsule, resulting in an even higher quality coffee.

Simply pour the coffee into the capsule, press with the tamper, add more coffee if necessary and press again. This way you get the perfect layout and pressed coffee in the capsule itself.


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