Nespresso adapter for Wacaco Nanopresso

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24,90 €
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The Nespresso adapter allows you to use the coffee machine with Nespresso capsules. Simply attach the adapter to the Nanopresso, insert the capsule and prepare your coffee. Easy to use even when travelling to make your favourite coffee.

Kit contains practical protective bag made of black textile, cleaning brush and user manual in English.

The Nanopresso Coffee maker is not included in the kit.

If you would like to pack the Nanopresso coffee maker with the Nespresso adapter in the durable case, please purchase the coffee maker + adapter case separately. shell for coffee maker + adapter.

Compatibility: Original Nespresso capsules and our reusable Sealpod capsules. Capsules such as Lor etc may not work properly.


Wacaco – innovative coffee makers for years

Wacaco is an innovative coffee maker producer that has dedicated many years to the development of travel espresso machines and their accessories. The Nanopresso coffee maker is the improved version of its successful colleague, the Minipresso. Compared to the previous version, the pressure achieved is higher, the dimensions are smaller, the cleaning is easier and the content of the water tank is larger.



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