Newsletter - personal data protection

By signing up for the newsletter, the website visitor agrees to the processing of personal data for marketing purposes.

The company responsible for receiving and processing personal data is NajTrade s.r.o., Húskova 31, 040 23 Košice. Identification Number 50590502. Phone +421 944 750 100, e-mail:

In the processing of personal data, the sender shall proceed following Act no. 18/2018 on the protection of personal data and processes only the personal data necessary for sending the newsletter.

The sender processes the visitor's standard personal information. The visitor's personal information is stored in the sender's information system until the visitor unsubscribes from the newsletter.

If a visitor disagrees with the processing of the data for marketing purposes, he may at any time express his disagreement by sending a message to the sender's email address requesting a newsletter unsubscribe or by clicking on the link provided in the email message.

Personal data used for marketing purposes will not be shared with third parties, nor will it be disclosed.

A visitor has the right and the ability to update personal information, for example by email.

The visitor has the right to obtain confirmation from the sender about what visitor's data are processed in the sender's information system. The visitor has the right to gain access to such data as well as the purpose for which it is processed, what categories of data are processed, to whom personal data are provided, how long personal data is stored, whether there exists automated individual decision making, including profiling.

The first provision of the above personal data to the visitor is free of charge. Repeated provision of personal information requested by the visitor will be subject to a € 5 administration fee.

The visitor may request the sender to correct or complete his incomplete personal information. A visitor may request the deletion of their data or a restriction on the processing of such data. The visitor may also object to the processing of personal data.

A visitor has the right to have the sender restrict the processing of his personal data if the visitor objects to the accuracy of the personal data during the period allowing the sender to verify the accuracy of the personal data.

The visitor has the right to obtain personal data concerning him which he has provided to the sender in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format. The visitor has the right to transfer this personal data to another provider, if technically possible.

If a visitor suspects that his personal data are being processed illegally, he may file a petition with the Office for Personal Data Protection to initiate a personal data protection procedure.

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