Flair Espresso

Flair Espresso

Flair Espresso is an American manufacturer of mechanical coffee machines. The best selling models are the Flair 58, PRO2, Classic and Signature.

We are an authorized dealer and seller of Flair espresso.

What benefits do we, as an authorised seller, offer?   

  • All the goods are in our warehouse in EU (Slovakia) = fast delivery to you.
  • We provide our customers with standard EU 24 months warranty and post-warranty service; returned goods are not sent anywhere = prompt claim handling.
  • We offer a complete range of Flair espresso and accessories (piston seals, coffee baskets ..).
  • We buy goods directly from the manufacturer Flair = guarantee of the reasonable end price.
  • If you buy a Flair from us, we also provide post-warranty service, spare parts available only for our customers. We, therefore, provide post-warranty service exclusively to our customers.
  • We can offer our customers extra spare parts that are not listed in our store. Just provide us your order ID for verification.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via: info@lesswastecoffee.com

Flair 58 - electric

In Stock

649,00 €

Flair 58X - electric capable

In Stock

549,00 €

Flair Classic (black)

In Stock

199,00 €

Flair PRO 2 (black)

In Stock

369,00 €

Royal Grinder Flair espresso

In Stock

189,00 €

Flair travel case

In Stock

29,90 € 19,90 €

Split Spout for Flair PRO

In Stock

7,90 €

Flair 58 - 3in1 portafilter

In Stock

69,90 €

Flair 58 - puck screen

In Stock

34,90 €

Flair 58 electric kit

In Stock

149,00 €

Flair PRO 2 Portafilter

In Stock

49,90 €

Flow-Control 2 Portafilter

In Stock

24,90 €

Flow-Control 2 Spout Kit

In Stock

15,90 €

PRO Dispersion Screen

In Stock

14,90 €

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