Staresso is a manufacturer of portable espresso coffee machines that are also suitable for regular use at home, at work or at the cottage. The coffee machines reach a high pressure of up to 15-20 bar. Weighing in at around 600g, they are among the larger portable coffee makers.

We are an authorized dealer and seller of Staresso products. Check here the certificate of the authorized dealer.

What benefits do we, as an authorized seller, offer?   

  • All the goods are present in our warehouse in Slovakia = express delivery to you.
  • We provide our customers with both warranty and post-warranty service; returned goods are not sent anywhere = prompt and swift claim handling.
  • Following the latest trends, we offer a complete range of Staresso coffee makers and accessories.
  • We buy goods directly from the manufacturer = guarantee of the lowest end price.
  • If you buy a product from us, we also provide post-warranty service, spare parts available only for our customers. We, therefore, provide post-warranty service exclusively to our customers.

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