10 tips for preparing an excellent drink

Just like the original capsules, our refillable ECO capsules can be used to make a variety of drinks. Our ECO capsules encourage creativity :-), you can easily make your own variations of drinks with unusual ingredients.

What can you do with ECO capsules?

  • Coffee similar to espresso with regular ground coffee
  • hot chocolate with froth milk
  • Nesquik
  • Instant coffee with frothed milk
  • Cappuccino with frothed milk
  • Caffeine-free coffee with frothed milk
  • Extra cream made from powdered milk
  • Hot tea from tea mixture
  • Hot tea from fresh herbs
  • Hot/cold granulated tea

What drinks are you filling our capsules with? Let us know at info@ekokapsule.sk and we will be happy to share your secret drink. The best tips will be rewarded.

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