We save the enviromment

By choosing a refillable capsule, you also think about the environment.EKO kapsule

By using refillable capsules we produce up to 50 times less waste than using original disposable single-use capsules. Also, there is no need to provide extra logistics and packaging as the capsules are available in the comfort
your home for self-filling.

So if you care about the environment, refillable capsules should be your one and only choice. These are the main reasons why you should use reusable capsules from an ecological point of view:

  • Using them you produce less waste. This refillable eco capsule can be used up to 50 times. This means that using one eco capsule will save material that is consumed in the production of the other 49 regular capsules.
    You may say that this means nothing when considering the total waste production. But if every coffee lover would use them regularly ...
  • Gentle cleaning. You do not need to clean the capsules with any kitchen detergent. After use, simply rinse the capsule with a little amount of clean water.
  • Save also the package. Classic capsules are packed as sets in cardboard packages. The less you buy, the less packaging you logically use and subsequently discard.

By using our capsules you save not only your money but also our everyday environment and that counts!

Other reasons to opt for our ECO capsules:

  • Save your money. Try to calculate it. For example, if you buy a pack of three eco capsules that you use up to 50 times each, one coffee will cost you only 13 cents. What is an excellent price compared to regular prices of classic capsules.
  • You are not when choosing your coffee. The types of coffee in capsules are limited. But you can fill them with coffee exactly as you like it!
  • You are not dependent on the capsule manufacturer or shops. If the vendor decides not to offer a particular type of capsule anymore, you are done with your favorite coffee. However, this will not happen with refillable capsules. Fill them with coffee of your choice.
  • Always are available at home and at hand. Because they last much longer than regular capsules.
    Our capsules are ecological and fully reusable, what would save your money and planet as well.

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