We save the enviromment

By choosing a refillable capsule, you are also thinking about the environment.EKO kapsule

By using refillable capsules, we produce up to 50 times less waste than with original disposable capsules. There is also no need for additional logistics and packaging as the capsules can be refilled in the comfort of your own home.

So if you care about the environment, refillable capsules should be your one and only choice. These are the main reasons why you should use reusable capsules from an ecological point of view:

  • By using these capsules, you create less waste. This refillable eco-capsule can be used up to 50 times. This means that using one eco-capsule saves the material used to make the other 49 regular capsules.
    You may say that this means nothing when considering the total waste production. But if every coffee lover would use them regularly ...
  • Gentle cleaning. There is no need to clean the capsules with a kitchen detergent. After use, simply rinse the capsule with a small amount of clean water.
  • Save on packaging too. Classic Capsules are packaged as a set in cardboard boxes. Logically, the less you buy, the less packaging you use and discard.

By using our capsules, you are not only saving your money, you are saving our everyday environment, and that counts!

More reasons to choose our ECO capsules:

  • Save your money. Try to calculate. For example, if you buy a pack of three eco capsules and use them up to 50 times each, a cup of coffee will cost you just 13 cents. An excellent price compared to the regular price of traditional capsules.
  • You are not limited when it comes to choosing your coffee. The types of coffee in capsules are limited. But you can fill them with any coffee you like!
  • You are not dependent on capsule manufacturers or shops. If the supplier decides to discontinue a particular type of capsule, you are finished with your favourite coffee. This is not the case with refillable capsules. Fill them with the coffee of your choice.
  • Always available at home and at hand. Because they last much longer than regular capsules our capsules are environmentally friendly and fully reusable, saving you money and the planet.

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