Cafelat Robot

Cafelat Robot

Cafelat Robot is a product line of mechanical coffee machines from the Cafelat manufacturer. The robot is a small, high-quality manual coffee machine made from first-class materials only. Each Robot is assembled and tested by hand.

We are an authorized dealer and seller of Cafelat Robots.

What benefits do we, as an authorised seller, offer?   

  • All the goods are in our warehouse in EU (Slovakia) = fast delivery to you.
  • We provide our customers with standard EU, 24 months warranty and post-warranty service; returned goods are not sent anywhere = prompt claim handling.
  • We offer a complete range of Cafelat Robots and accessories (piston seals, coffee baskets ..).
  • We buy goods directly from the manufacturer Cafelat = guarantee of the reasonable end price.
  • If you buy a Robot from us, we also provide post-warranty service, spare parts available only for our customers. We, therefore, provide post-warranty service exclusively to our customers.
  • We can offer our customers extra spare parts that are not listed in our store. Just provide us your order ID for verification.


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