Instant coffee and cappucino

Instant coffee better than at the coffee place? We know the secret!

Do you love instant coffee but still get the feeling that something is missing there? Always the impression that it is not as it should be and the coffee you make at home can be much better? You are right. Of course, it can be better!

If you would prepare it in Dolce Gusto or Nespresso coffee machines and with a refillable capsule, that's the way to go; this way you can enjoy excellently, professionally prepared instant coffee with an excellent delicate foam.

How to prepare excellent instant coffee?

What does your “coffee ritual” look like? Let us describe it: You put two spoons of your favorite brand of instant coffee into a mug whether with or without caffeine. Pour over boiling, about 900C hot water. Add a few teaspoons of sugar and possibly add a drop of milk. And you enjoy excellent coffee. But if you want to improve this ritual and especially the taste of your favorite coffee, try it differently!

Use a refillable EKO capsule and prepare the coffee in Dolce Gusto or Nespresso coffee maker.

What is a refillable capsule, also known as an EKO capsule? It looks just like the regular capsules you use in your Dolce Gusto or Nespresso coffee machines. But the difference is that these eko capsules can be refilled repeatedly. And with any coffee of your choice!

Why prepare instant coffee from the EKO capsule?

  • Delicious coffee that reminds you of professional coffee prepared by the barista.
  • Delicate foam on the top of your coffee.
  • Save money! You don't have to buy expensive capsules anymore that are disposable only. One eko capsule is enough to reuse.
  • You are not dependent on the manufacturer's capsule offer. You get what you want!
  • You do not produce much waste. If you care about the environment, you will appreciate it for sure.
  • You choose the coffee you want in the capsule. You can add instant caffeine coffee as well as decaffeinated coffee. You can also add powdered cream, stevia, or any other ingredients.

Are you already thinking only about excellent instant coffee prepared with a refillable capsule? Let's get into the action!

Excellent homemade cappuccino from the refillable capsule

Do you think that at home, you are not able to prepare cappuccino as you drink at the coffeehouse? Maybe you haven't found the best recipe so far. Try this and make a capuccino at home!

capuccino dolce gusto

Prepare two EKO capsules, your favorite cappuccino cup and of course a Dolce Gusto or Nespresso coffee machine. Fill one Eko capsule with your favorite granulated coffee to the top. Close the eko capsule. Fill the second one up to the top with powdered milk. First, put a refillable capsule with powdered milk into a Dolce Gusto or Nespresso machine. Use the manual coffee brewing program.

Switch on the coffee machine and fill the cup with frothed milk a little more than half. A proper mocha cappuccino should contain up to 2/3 of milk and only 1/3 of coffee. A coffee capsule is a next step. Fill the coffee cup with the desired volume of coffee. The coffee blends beautifully with the frothed milk and creates a beautiful fine foam on the top of the cappuccino.

Did you know that frothed milk is much tastier than ordinary warm milk? We therefore always recommend frothing milk into cappuccino and not just pouring it into a coffee cup. Do not forget to sprinkle the top with cinnamon or cocoa or vanilla for better taste. Now enjoy a delicious home-made cappuccino!

If you want to improve the cappuccino even more, add the syrup of your choice to the cup first. For example, if you add chocolate syrup, you will get a deliciously flavored chocolate cappuccino. There are many ways to prepare your favorite granulated coffee with refillable capsules.

Let your fantasy work; the sky is the limit! Bon appetite!

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