About us

We established our online store in 2015 to offer environmentally friendly, reusable capsules as a replacement for regular disposable capsules.

We offer reusable capsules for systems like Dolce Gusto®Nespresso®, Cafissimo®  and other capsule systems.

We also offer portable coffee machines produced by Wacaco®, Staresso® and Cafflano®.

To enjoy the coffee as much as you can, check our offer for coffee grinder Mlynko, coffee roaster and other equipment to enjoy every single step of its preparation.

We also added to our offer various ecological products as cutlery EcoTree® or coffee mugs KeepCup®.

Where do we ship from and why is our online shop in English?  

Our warehouse is located in the heart of Europe, Slovakia. We ship products from our store to everywhere in Europe.

Express logistics is handled by a shipment company Packeta.com  that ships the products from us to you. In your country, Packeta.com has contracted local couriers services, for the delivery of your order.

We have a contact point in every country we ship to where you can send us the returns or claims - no worries anymore about high return costs.

On average, we can deliver the order within three working days from the moment of ordering (for orders in a working day until 11:00 pm). Check our specific delivery times and delivery prices for each country in the shipping and payment section.

We also manage independent localized online stores: ekokapsule.sk, ekokapszula.hu, super-kapsle.cz, ecocapsule.ro, oekokapseln.de and ekokapsulki.pl

Facts on ecology

From a survey conducted on our Facebook page, we found that the average coffee lover consumes four 16-piece packs of disposable capsules a month, or 64 capsules a month. It is up to 768 capsules (about 10 kg of waste) annually, which cannot be recycled and ends up in mixed waste.

By using reusable capsules, this amount of waste can be substantially reduced. Besides, you can use, for example, freshly roasted coffee from your favourite roaster and prepare a drink exactly as you like it.

Thank you for your trust and eco-friendly thinking.  

Why us?

Products are really in stock

  All products with the information in stock are really in stock in our warehouse in Slovakia, ready to be shipped immediately. We have no products to be ordered.

Our own products

 Many product brands (ekokapsulemlynkoecotree ..), found in our offer, we sell under our own brand, which you can exclusive find in our store only.

We are the official distributor

 We are the official distributor of Wacaco, Sealpod, Cafflano, Staresso products. We buy the products directly from the producer (not from a dealer). We also provide warranty and post-warranty service for these products.

Customer support

We will be happy to assist you to choose the right product, contact us in English at info@lesswastecoffee.com

Quick shipping of your order

  Each order received by 11:00 pm on working days will also be shipped on the same day and delivered on average within three working days

Fair shipping prices

  We sell the goods, not the shipping fees. Therefore we keep the shipping costs at a minimum level. As we send the goods from Slovakia, we subsidize the postage.

Reviews from our customers

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