Which capsule coffee maker is the best?

Sometimes you ask us for our opinion on which capsule coffee maker is best for using our refillable eco capsules. Dolce Gusto? Nespresso? Cafissimo? Or something else?

First of all, it is a question of budget. Capsule coffee machines can be bought in supermarkets for as little as €30 (on sale). You can also buy a branded capsule coffee machine (e.g. Miele) for up to €1,500.

We think the Dolce Gusto, Tassimo and Cafissimo systems are very affordable.

The medium and high price range consists of Nespresso coffee machines or less common brands such as Illy.


Our TIP: Nespresso

Here are 3 benefits of this solution:kapsulovy kavovar nespresso

1. Our solution, using a stainless steel Sealpod capsule with adhesive aluminium (or paper) caps, simulates the original capsule 99% of the time. With this system you can perfectly imitate a disposable capsule.

Will the capsule damage the knives in the coffee maker? No, it will not damage the knives in the machine as the capsule is slightly shorter than the original. Therefore, when you close the capsule in the coffee maker, the knives will not "bite" into it.

We also offer a barista kit which contains 10 stainless steel capsules and a filling station so that you can fill the capsules in advance.

More here.

2. Another advantage of the Nespresso coffee machine is that it has a milk steamer (some higher-end models), just like the lever coffee machine. This eliminates the need to use dried milk in a capsule.

3. Our solution is simple to use. Just fill the capsule, put the lid on and put it in your coffee maker. Use as usual.


What is the availability of Nespresso capsules?

The Nespresso system has been on the market for over 20 years and was the first capsule system ever. As a result, there are a number of non-original disposable capsules on the market.

Some coffee roasters even make their own Nespresso reusable capsules.

However, unlike systems such as Dolce Gusto, Cafissimo or Tassimo, original or alternative Nespresso capsules are not usually available in supermarkets. Nespresso capsules are more likely to be found in e-shops.


Dolce Gusto

We have two solutions for Dolce Gusto. Plastic ECO capsules (our own brand) and a stainless steel Sealpod capsule with a reusable silicone cap.kapsulovy kavovar dolce gusto

Both can be used in the same way as the original, with the same result. However, compared to the Nespresso system, they require a little more skill to use. The capsule must be positioned precisely so that the machine's needle pierces it in the hole provided.

What is the availability of Dolce Gusto capsules?

Recently, non-original disposable capsules have started to appear in hypermarkets at lower prices than original capsules.

Original capsules are generally available in hypermarkets.


Cafissimo / Tchibokapsulovy kavovar cafissimo

The Cafissimo system also tends to be named Caffitaly, K-fee or Versimo.

For Cafissimo, we also offer a reusable stainless steel Sealpod capsule with a silicone cap. The capsule is easier to use than the Dolce Gusto capsule, as it does not need to be positioned.

However, the capsule is not compatible with the relatively common Cafissimo Pure coffee machine.

What is the availability of Cafissimo capsules?

The availability of disposable capsules for Cafissimo is slightly lower than for Dolce Gusto, but they should be available in hypermarkets.

At the moment there are also non-original disposable capsules, which are more available in e-shops.


Tassimokapsulovy kavovar tassimo

The Tassimo system is also relatively common. Unfortunately, we do not yet offer refillable ecological capsules for this system.

In terms of quality and price, the Tassimo system is very similar to the Dolce Gusto or Cafissimo systems. Disposable capsules are available in supermarkets. Disposable capsules are not yet available.

So if you buy a Tassimo system, you need to buy the original disposable capsules.



If you are looking for the cheapest capsule coffee maker under €50, we would choose the Dolce Gusto. There are several types of refillable capsules available, as well as non-original ones.

If you are looking for a capsule coffee machine in the medium price range of around €100, we would choose Nespresso.

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