How to choose a 1Zpresso grinder + FAQ

Which 1Zpresso grinder is best choice for me?

What kind of burr is installed in 1Zpresso grinders?

Our grinders are equipped with different kinds of burrs to produce the best grind for different brewing methods. Burr type and size affect grinding efficiency and the effort necessary to operate the grinder.

What to do before first use of 1Zpresso grinder?

Your new grinder is ready to use straight from the box. Adjust the grind setting and enjoy! The more you grind, the better you’ll know your grinder.

How to adjust the grind size of the grinder?

Read the article of "How to set 1Zpresso grind" on official 1Zpresso blog.

How to clean the 1Zpresso grinder?

You can use cleaning brush (included in package of J-MAX and K-MAX). 

How to remove odor and coffee oils from the grinder?

Simply grind rolled oats or instant oats, wipe with a damp (not wet) towel, and dry immediately. Excessive moisture will damage the grinder.

How long is the lifetime of my grinder? Can I replace the burr?

The burr in the grinders were calibrated by our team to ensure maximum stability over time, and it is expected to grind up to 100~200 kg beans. We’re developing a burr replacement service, so stay tuned.

What kind of warranty you offer on 1Z presso grinders?

Standard EU 24 months warranty.


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