How to choose a grinder 1Zpresso + frequently asked questions

1Zpresso is a renowned manufacturer of hand grinders with many years of experience. Based on customer feedback, new models are introduced and constantly improved.

The aim of this guide is to provide a simple overview of the different models and to help you choose the ideal grinder for a particular coffee preparation method.

The 1Zpresso manual coffee grinders are available with three types of adjustment mechanisms:

  • internal adjustment - Q2 S and J,
  • top adjustment - JX-Pro S and JE-Plus
  • the latest design with external adjustment - X-Pro S, X-Ultra, J-Ultra, K-Ultra, ZP6 Special.

Grinders 1Zpresso according to the method of preparation

Pour over

  • Q2 S - is the lightest and most compact grinder of all. Its size and low weight (425g) make it ideal for travelling. Great for camping. Its size sets it apart from the other 1Zpresso models.

  • J - compared to Q2, it has larger grinding stones and a wide range of grinding fineness settings, which contributes to better grinding efficiency. It has a classic interior setting.

  • ZP6 Special -  the best grinder for pour-over coffee. The design with large grinding stones ensures a consistent grind with a minimum of fine particles. The external adjustment design allows quick adjustment of the grind thickness.

Espresso coffee

  • J-Max - The J-Series grinder focuses on precision and consistency of grinding. The J-Max model has titanium-coated grindstones. External adjustment with dial and magnetic container.

  • J-Ultra - the latest model in the 1Zpresso range, with titanium coated grindstones and an external waste container. External grinding thickness adjustment with a wide range of settings (100 clicks/10 steps, 10 clicks per step, 8 microns per click).

Universal grinders

  • X-Pro S - thanks to smaller grinding stones, it requires less force to grind. It is a versatile grinder with a top setting (12.5 microns per click) and a magnetic collector.

  • X-Ultra - With the same features as the X-Pro model, this minimalist design is available in a number of versions. While maintaining compact dimensions and convenient external grit adjustment.

  • The K-Ultra - The K-Ultra has a new external grit adjustment with 100 clicks per revolution and 20 microns per click. The new design with large grinding stones is intended for all methods of coffee preparation. The receptacle with magnets has a capacity of 35-40g.

Comparison of 1ZPresso grinders


Frequently asked Questions

Is there anything that needs to be done before first use?

The grinder is ready for use right out of the box. Just set the grinding thickness and you can start grinding.

How to set the grinding thickness?

You can find more information in the article on the website.

How to clean the grinder?

For cleaning, we recommend using a brush or a balloon (included in the K-max model), which can be purchased as an accessory in our e-shop. Never clean the grinder with water.

How to remove coffee oils in the grinding mechanism?

Simply grind oatmeal or special cleaning granules, e.g. Urnex brand.

What is the lifespan of grinding stones?

Approximately 100-200 kg of coffee beans. Replacement grinding stones can be purchased as accessories .

What warranty do you give for 1Zpresso grinders?

Standard, European 24-month warranty.


Additional videos and instructions can be found directly on the 1Z presso website .

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