1Zpresso K-Ultra silver - coffee grinder

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275,00 €
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Brand: 1Zpresso

The latest grinder from 1Z presso K-Ultra with a folding handle and an even more refined grinding mechanism.

The K-Ultra version of the high-quality manual coffee grinder from the certified manufacturer 1Zpresso offers a maximum of innovations and improvements for a perfect coffee grinding experience.

This is the latest model, replacing the older K-plus and K-max. The body of the grinder is more rounded than its predecessor.

Purpose: universal. Number of steps (clicks): 100. Material of grinding stones: stainless steel. Step size (click): 20 microns.

Weight: 700g. Dimensions: 18,5 x 6 x 19,5 cm. Color: silver. Grounds capacity: 35-40g. Disassembly: magnetic.

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Grinding mechanism

The 1Zpresso K-Ultra grinder is equipped with 48 mm conical grindstones. Two bearings ensure smooth grinding and the size of the grinding stones also supports fast and quick grinding.

Grinding adjustment

Grinding thickness is set on the ring at the top of the grinder. There are up to 100 increments to choose from. One step is only 20 microns, so the grit setting is very flexible.

Materials used

The 1Zpresso K-Ultra grinder is made from durable materials. The body is made of aluminium alloy combined with stainless steel. The handle is made of wood.

Magnetic coffee container

The capacity of the container is 35-40 grams, enough to grind several batches of coffee at once. The container can be easily attached to the lever of the coffee machine by means of a built-in magnet. You can compress the ground coffee through a gap in the bottom of the grinder. Fits 51 and 58 mm diameter portafilters.

Advantages of the 1Zpresso K-Ultra grinder

  • foldable handle for easy travel
  • high quality, all-stainless steel design combined with wood
  • conical shape of grinding stones, 48 ​​mm
  • up to 100 levels of grinding thickness, 1 step takes only 20 microns
  • easy, smooth grinding due to the bearings and large grinding stones
  • magnetic - easy folding 
  • practical carrying case included

1Zpresso K-Ultra vs 1Zpresso K-Max

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