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Cafelat Robot
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Brand: Cafelat Robot
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The Cafelat Robot coffee machine offers a purely manual espresso making experience for real baristas. It allows you to prepare coffee shop quality coffee for an incomparably lower price than a professional coffee machine.

The robot is a small, high-quality manual coffee machine that prepares perfect espresso. It is made from premium materials (mostly stainless steel) only without complicated electronics and it is completely plastic-free.

All you need for a perfect cup of coffee is fresh coffee beans, quality coffee grinder, hot water from the kettle and a Robot, of course :).

Each Robot is handmade, assembled and tested in Hong Kong directly by the founder of Cafelat (Paul Pratt).

The regular version does not include a pressure gaugeThe body of the coffee machine is the same as in the Regular version.

Advantages of Cafelat Robot

  • Top quality coffee ompared to professional coffee machine.
  • Made of solid materials (mainly stainless steel), plastic-free.
  • Professional 58 mm filter basket and tamper included.
  • Stylish design available in different colors.

Video tutorials directly from the manufacturer:

Wir haben Cafelat Robot auch in unserem deutschen E-Shop erhältlich.

Recommended accessories

  • A quality grinder - that is of course the basis of espresso making. From our offer you can choose: 1Zpresso K-ultra or Wacaco Exagrind.
  • Milk frother- if you like cappuccino, the Bellman CX-25S will make a perfect pair with the Robot. 
  • Replacement silicone seals  - 1 replacement seal is included, however a spare silicone seals will be handy in the future.
  • Additional basket - with the second basket you will be able to make 2 coffees in a row. Don´t forget to add a stainless steel filter.
  • Robot hands - better grip during brewing. They are not necessary, but they will make the work more pleasant.
  • Tamper with regulation - improved tamper with adjustable height and better grip. 

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Technical specifications

  • Weight: 3,4 kg (7,5 lb)
  • Height: 30,5 cm (12 in), height with lifted arms: 48,3 cm (19 in)
  • Width: 25,5 cm (10 in), depth: 16,5 cm (6,5 in)
  • Width between legs : 9,3 cm, height from base to basket : 9,5 cm
  • Coffee basket: coffee capacity - up to 25g, water capacity - 145 ml (grounds + water), diameter: 57,5 mm.

Package includes

The main robot body with arms and base, filter screen (new type), portafilter and portafilter spout, professional coffee basket, tamper, pack of paper filters (reusable), silicone mat, bag of spare parts (includes: 1 spare piston seal, 1 portafilter spout o-ring, 1 Molykote Dow lubricant 6g).

Cafelat robot Basic set:

Cafelat robot Barista set:

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