Professional basket for Cafelat Robot

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44,90 €
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Cafelat Robot
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Brand: Cafelat Robot

The professional basket (standard in the package) is designed to be used with freshly ground coffee using a good quality coffee grinder. It produces a real cream.

The original 58 mm basket is manufactured in a factory that specializes in the production of professional baskets for other renowned coffee machine brands. When you purchase this basket, you are getting a truly top quality product.

Only compatible with Cafelat Robot coffee makers.

Packaging: 1 pc. Material: food grade stainless steel (basket passed SGS test, certificate)

Which basket to choose for your Cafelat Robot?

  • Professional basket - you can achieve the perfect result with freshly ground coffee from a quality coffee grinder. The Professional Basket comes in a box with each robot.
  • Pressurized basket - you can also get a good result with store-bought ground coffee. Useful as a complement to the Robot if you do not have a high quality coffee grinder.


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