Stainless filter screen for Robot

  • Stainless filter screen for Robot
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14,90 €
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Cafelat Robot
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Brand: Cafelat Robot

Replacement stainless steel filter for Cafelat Robot. This filter is standard supplied with the robot. Packing: 1 pc.

The improved version is slightly thicker than the original. It is completely flat and has a food-grade silicone pin in the center. This is the same material that the robot piston seal is made of (this material has passed the FDA test).

The silicone pin makes it easier to grip the filter during handling and also prevents it from bending if accidentally hit by a piston. If for some reason you are not comfortable using this filter, you can replace it with a paper filter.

Advantages of the improved filter

  • thicker and flatter stainless steel filter material
  • easier grip of the filter thanks to the silicone pin

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