Cafelat Robot regular (matte black)

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Cafelat Robot
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The Cafelat Robot coffee machine offers purely manual espresso making experience for real baristas. It allows you to prepare coffee shop quality coffee for an incomparably lower price than a professional "electric" coffee machine.

The robot is a small, high-quality hand coffee machine that prepares real espresso. It is made just from a few parts, without complicated electronics or plastics. It is made of premium materials, mostly stainless steel.

All you need for preparation is ground coffee, hot water from the kettle and a little bit of time.

Each Robot is handmade, assembled and tested in Hong Kong directly by the founder of Cafelat (Paul Pratt).

The Regular version does not include a pressure gauge.

The coffee Cafelat Robot prepares excellent espresso.

  • Top quality coffee like from the coffee shops.
  • Made of solid materials (mostly stainless steel), without the use of plastics.
  • Professional 58 mm filter basket.
  • Stainless steel tamper included.

Weight: 4 kg, Dimensions:

Package includes: Robot body with arms and base, 1 filter screen (new type), 1 portafilter and 1 removable double drain, 1 professional coffee basket, 1 tamper, 1 pack of paper filters (reusable), 1 silicone mat, 1 bag of spare parts (includes: 1 spare piston seal, 1 portafilter spout o-ring, 1 Molykote Dow lubricant 6g).

Video tutorials directly from the manufacturer:

Wir haben Cafelat Robot auch in unserem deutschen E-Shop erhältlich.

What accessories do we recommend to buy?

Wacaco digital scale - the dimensions fit between the legs of the Robot, you can extract espresso directly on the cup placed on the scale. In addition, the scale has a built-in stopwatch and weighing accuracy of up to 0.1 g.

Replacement silicone seals - the coffee machine includes 1 replacement seal, but this will also need to be replaced over time. Stock up on seals now and save on shipping.

Additional basket - with two baskets you will be able to make 2 coffees faster, without washing. However, you will also need another stainless steel filter for this.

Robot hands - make it easier for you to grip the robot at work. They are not necessary, but they will make the work more pleasant.

Tamper with regulation - improved tamper with adjustable height and better grip. It is not necessary, but just like hands, it will make work more pleasant.

You will find these accessories as well as others (paper filters, etc.) under the product description.

Cafelat robot Basic set:

cafelat robot hands

Hands for Cafelat Robot (pair)

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Piston seals - 3 pcs

Piston seals - 3 pcs

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Cafelat robot Barista set:

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