Wacaco Exagrind Coffee grinder

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The Wacaco Exagrind Coffee Grinder is designed for coffee lovers who want a compact and durable grinder for everyday use.

Thanks to the precisely milled, 38 mm stainless steel grinding stones and built-in bearings, grinding is very smooth.
The grinding action can be adjusted with 60 clicks, in a total of two 360 degree rotations. 33 micron burr spacing adjustment per click.

The body of the grinder is milled from a single piece of aluminium, a so-called unibody design, which guarantees a solid construction.

Weight: 464g. Dimensions: 143x53x67 mm. Coffee capacity for one grind: 20 g. Burr: Ø38mm, 420 stainless steel. Supplied in a protective cloth bag.

Advantages of the Wacaco Exagrind

  • Built-in bearings - thanks to two built-in bearings and sophisticated power transmission, grinding is smooth and quiet.
  • 38 mm grinding stones - made of milled stainless steel.
  • 60 click adjustment - 33 micron burr spacing adjustment per click.
  • Aluminium uni body frame - the body of the grinder is machined from a single piece of aluminium, ensuring a high quality finish in the workshop.
  • Compact dimensions - removable handle, weight: 464 g, dimensions: 143x53x67 mm.
  • Rubberized surface - thanks to the silicone surface, the grinder is comfortable to hold and does not slip in the hand when grinding.

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