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149,90 €
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The Picopresso portable coffee machine has been designed primarily for experienced baristas who have fresh coffee beans and a quality grinder to make a great espresso.

The advantages of Picopresso are: a naked portafilter, a professional stainless steel basket for 20g of coffee, an aluminium tamper (51 mm), an aluminium funnel and a stainless steel shower tray.

Picopresso fits perfectly in the hand. It is made from a combination of aluminium, stainless steel and BPA-free plastic.

We offer the latest version with an upgraded shower head.

Supplied with a sturdy nylon case.

Weight: 350g, max pressure: 18 bar, dimensions: 106x78x71 mm, water tank capacity: 80 ml, ground coffee capacity: 20 g.

Who is Picopresso for?

Picopresso "does not forgive mistakes and rewards an experienced barista".

In other words, if you plan to use the coffee machine with ground coffee from the shop, or if you do not have a good grinder, choose the Nanopresso model instead of the Picopresso. The Nanopresso also makes a good espresso without the need for professional tools.

Recommended accessories:

  • Wacaco Exagrind - compact professional coffee grinder equipped with bearings for smooth grinding and 60 degree of grinding adjustment.
  • Wacaco Exagram - compact digital scale with 0.1g weighing accuracy, stopwatch and other functions.
  • Wacaco L Silicone mat - designed to dry the coffee machine and provide a convenient means of tamping coffee.
  • Protective cases - help maintain a constant temperature inside the Picopresso and protect it from damage.
  • 12g coffee basket -  allows you to make coffee with a smaller dose than the standard basket included in the pack. Buy here.
  • 51 mm PremiumLine tamper - a portable tamper is included in the pack, a full size wooden handle tamper is available as an option. Buy here.
  • 51 mm puck screen PremiumLine - the puck screen prevents the so-called "channeling" and helps distribute the water better in the basket. Buy here.

Picopresso Basic set:

Picopresso Barista set:

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