Flair 58 - high uniformity basket

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59,90 €
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Flair Espresso
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Brand: Flair Espresso

The High Uniformity Basket for Flair 58 and Flair 58X has 1800 individual extraction points.

Compared to other Flair baskets, this hole pattern is much wider, up 25% compared to a high flow basket and up to a incredible 37% compared to a standard low flow basket

This expansion of the extraction points limiting chaneling by distributing the coffee flow more evenly over a larger area of the puck. The small 0.2 mm holes ensure that fine fragments do not get into the cup. 

This basket is great for preparing lightly roasted coffees with high aromaticity, while at the same time limiting undesirable earthy flavours. 

The High Uniformity Basket is recommended for any roast, but light roasts will be truly delicious. 

Specifications High uniformity basket for Flair58:

  • pattern with 1800 extraction holes extending to the edges
  • 0.22 mm holes
  • stainless steel construction
  • 12-20 g dose (extended to 12-22 grams depending on roast and grind size)

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