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549,00 €
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Flair Espresso
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Brand: Flair Espresso

The Flair 58X is the flagship from Flair espresso. This machine represents the new standard for café-quality espresso which you can prepare at home. Enjoy the comfort of your home and a taste of perfect quality espresso - this would be the most suitable description of Flair 58X coffee machine.

This is a professional lever coffee machine with a 58 mm portafilter, a robust construction, a t-grip and ability to upgrade to full electric version. The new design with a t-grip allows you to create even more pressure but with less force than in cases of PRO2 and Classic / Signature models.

Each "X - electric capable" version in our offer from 5/2023 offers the same brew head like electric version. This means ability o upgrade the X version to a fully electric version with an electric kit.

Main benefits of the Flair 58X:

  • Café-quality - with this coffee machine you can prepare a café-quality espresso at home which is of the same quality as with a professional machine.
  • Upgradable to a fully electric version - the X model contains the same head as the electric model, but it is supplied without an power supply and pcb controller. These components can be purchased in upgrade kit separately here.
  • Full extraction control - the built-in manometer and mechanical pressure allows you to have full control over the entire coffee extraction process.
  • T-grip - enables a better grip and more efficient use with less force.
  • 58 mm portafilter - ergonomic wooden handle and professional 58 mm, 16-20g basket.
  • Quality design - all parts of the coffee machine are perfectly processed using the highest quality materials.
  • Accessories available - for future upgrade, to enhance your brewing.

Upgrades of the Flair 58X

We offer the latest version from May 2023, which includes the following improvements:

  • Detachable Preheat Cable – customers can brew using the preheat function, or unplug to take their Flair off grid. 
  • Mirror Upgrade Enabled – All Flair 58s, in 2023, will feature a stainless-steel disc that has been embedded into the post of the lever assembly. This disc allows any Flair 58 or 58x buyer to upgrade to the magnetic, articulating shot mirror and add it to their setup with ease. The mirror adheres with enough force to consistently stay in place, while also being easy to remove when packing up or traveling.
  • Angled Elbow Connector – As part of the upgraded brew cylinder connector, Flair has added an angled attachment for the preheat controller, meaning that customers will more easily be able to route the wiring of their Flair 58 down the back post to maintain a high level of aesthetic beauty. 
  • Enhanced Valve Plunger with Single Slot – the benefits of this iteration are improved valve function when filling the brew cylinder and a reduced potential for the stem to raise from the plunger when stem tabs fall into alignment with the smaller single slot.

The previous improvements were also applied:

  • Puck screen, which replaces the fixed internal screen,
  • Improved valve plunger for easier pouring of water into the cylinder.

Technical specifications

  • Weight: 5.44 kg
  • Dimensions: 34.3 x 19.05 x 27.94 cm)
  • Water input volume: 90ml.
  • Output (so-called "Yield"): up to 55 ml.
  • Coffee basket: 58 mm, volume 16-20g.

Package includes:

Flair 58 Base, Flair 58 Lever Assembly with Magnetic Disc for Mirror, Flair 58x electric enabled Brew Head with single slot Valve Plunger, Flair 58 Pressure Gauge with Stainless Steel Stem, Puck Screen, 58 mm Portafilter and 16-22 gram basket (additional high-flow basket available), 58 mm Tamper, Flair 58 Drip Tray, Flair 58x Quick Start Guide.

Flair 58 Basic set:

Flair 58 Barista set:

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