Flair 58 - low flow basket (18g)

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29,90 €
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Flair Espresso
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Brand: Flair Espresso

Replacement 18g basket with straight wall (low flow) for Flair 58 and Flair 58X.

All Flair 58 espresso makers come equipped with a low-flow 18g basket. Complement your ritual with a second low-flow basket.

The Low-Flow basket has chamfered edges and fewer exit holes, which funnel the brew water through the grounds during extraction. 

The low-flow 18 gram basket is perfect to any home brewer’s kit, and allows for a dose range between 16-22 grams. This low-flow basket, when compared to the standard straight-walled basket, allows for an easier dial-in process by allowing a grind that is coarser for proper extractions, thereby increasing the overall compatibility with a range of grinders.


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