Flair 58 Hard Travel Case | Flair 58

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99,00 €
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Flair Espresso
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Brand: Flair Espresso

The hard travel case protects your Flair 58 from dust, dents and other damage. Now you can take your Flair 58, 58x or 58 Plus with you wherever you go to make delicious, handcrafted espresso shots. 

The hard travel case is lockable and waterproof and fits your fully assembled Flair 58. It features three layers of laser-cut foam and a soft inner liner.

Advantages of the Flair 58 hard travel case:

  • Accessory Pocket for brewing essentials such as Flair Shot Mirror, Brew Scale, even a small hand grinder can fit when the catch cup is removed
  • Two Secure Locking Points
  • Two Flip-Lock Closures
  • Manual Purge Valve to prevent vacuum lock after extreme altitude changes
  • Dustproof, airtight and watertight to 1m

Technical specifications:

  • Inner Dimensions: L437 mm ×W320 mm × H155 mm
  • Outer Dimensions: L480 mm ×W378 mm × H165 mm
  • Weight Without Foam: 2,43 kg
  • Weight With Foam: 2,76 kg
  • Compatibility: Flair 58, Flair 58x, Flair 58 Plus

The Flair 58 is not included in the package.


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