Wacaco Minipresso NS2 - Nespresso capsules

+ gift: Tamper pad - diameter 63 mm
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64,90 €
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Minipresso NS2 is the latest version of the popular Minipresso. Compared to its predecessor, the NS2 version is smaller, lighter and reaches a pressure of up to 18 bar.

The Minipresso NS2 is made from BPA-free plastic. The plastic used in the NS2 model is environmentally friendly and is partially made from wheat-based plastic.

Benefits of the Minipresso NS2:

  • the latest version of the Minipresso range
  • pressure up to 18 bar, weight only 290g
  • contains an improved portafilter for even better cream
  • made of environmentally friendly plastic
  • elegant and modern design
  • cloth case included

Compatibility: original Nespresso capsules, other brands of capsules (e.g. Lor) may not work properly.

Dimensions: 129x70x60mm, weight: 290g, water tank capacity: 80ml, coffee tank capacity: 8g, maximum pressure: 18 bar (261 psi).

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