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Brand: Fellow

The Shimmy Coffee Sieve is an innovative solution for coffee lovers that improves the consistency and quality of ground coffee. This product is designed to remove excess fine particles from ground coffee, which is essential for consistent extraction and balanced flavour.

This simple tool sifts out all coffee particles smaller than 200 microns.

Advantages and features of the Shimmy Coffee Sieve:

  • Precision Sieve - Shimmy uses a very fine sieve that effectively removes the smallest particles from the ground coffee. This prevents pre-extraction and bitterness in the beverage.
  • Easy to use - Simply place the jar over the container in which you wish to sieve the ground coffee, then shake it to separate out the fine particles.
  • Improved coffee quality - Using the Shimmy Coffee Sieve can greatly improve the quality of your brewed coffee. It prevents the bitter and unpleasant flavors that are typical of uneven grinding.
  • Robust construction - Made from durable materials, the Shimmy Coffee Sieve is built to last, even with frequent and intensive use.
  • Universal compatibility - The Shimmy Coffee Sieve is compatible with different types of grinders and ground coffees, making it suitable for a wide range of coffee enthusiasts.

This makes the Shimmy Coffee Sieve an ideal addition for those looking to improve the consistency and flavour of their coffee, especially when using methods such as espresso, pour-over or French press.

Technical specifications:

  • Capacity: 80 grams
  • Filter size: 200 μm (metal filter)
  • Dimensions: 75 mm (L) x 60 mm (W) x 197.7 mm (H)
  • Materials: Plastic body, lid and base, silicone gaskets and stainless steel filter

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