PremiumLine Tamper with depth control - 51, 58.5 mm

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29,90 €
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Brand: PremiumLine

A coffee tamper is used to evenly pack the coffee grounds for a quality shot. It is an essential tool for every barista. Properly pressing the coffee is one of the most important factors influencing the quality of the coffee. 

This tamper also includes a depth regulator based on the built-in support. The height of the backrest can be precisely adjusted according to the volume of the basket and the required pressing depth. The tamper will not let you press harder, so you will always reach the same depth.

Available sizes: 51mm, 58.5 mm. Please select the size of the product from the offer below the price.

Weight: 350 g. Handle material: redwood. Base material: stainless steel. Height: 100 - 110 mm.

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