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Brand: Staresso

The latest - improved version (2022), this upgrade includes:

  • stainless steel design of the coffee machine - the inner chamber and thread are made of stainless steel, which significantly extends the life of the coffee machine and increases its robustness,
  • improved basket for Nespresso capsules - capsules no longer need to be pierced before use,
  • upgraded nozzle - improves coffee extraction.

The Staresso portable coffee maker makes an excellent espresso without the need for electricity. With a simple pump, it achieves a pressure of 15-20 bar compared to a traditional espresso machine. The Staresso can use ground coffee or Nespresso capsules. Due to its size, it is suitable for transportation, but also as a static coffee maker to replace the regular coffee machine at home, at work or in the weekend house.

Dimensions: 7 x 20 cm, weight: 460g, water dispenser: 100 ml, maxcoffee dispenser: 10 g, maximum pressure: 15 - 20 bars. Coffee: ground Nespresso capsules.

The kit contains also glass cup from isolated glass. As an option, you can buy portable protection shell, buy it here.

Advantages of Staresso coffee machine

  • perfect espresso on the go, without electricity, with a pressure of up to 18 bar
  • compact dimensions - 7x20 cm and low weight - only 460g
  • the latest improved version with an improved design for even longer lifespan

The disconnected piston can be used to make frothed milk directly in the added cup (see video). Prepare a delicious cappuccino without additional accessories. You can choose the intensity of the pumping, so the working pressure is in your hands. This coffee maker can also be used to prepare tea. Coffee maker Staresso is made of durable plastic, BPA free of course, the portafilter is made of stainless steel and the coffee cup works as a measuring cup as well.

This coffeemaker won 1st prize for product design and innovation in an international competition - the Red Dot Award.

If you are looking for a small portable coffee maker, we recommend you Wacaco Nanopresso (336g) or Wacaco minipresso (360g)

Packed in the box, manual in English language included.

This could be useful:

Staresso Discovery D-6 Coffee Grinder

If you wish to enjoy really fresh and tasty coffee, we recommend that you grind your coffee just before preparing it. It fits perfectly with your Staresso set. You can buy the grinder here.

Rock2More milk frother

Staresso coffee machines allow you to froth milk directly with the plunger, however, the Rock2More milk frother allows you to make a softer milk foam and is also suitable for preparing other drinks. Buy the frother here.

Staresso Basic set:

Staresso Barista set:

Spare cup for Staresso

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Spare sifter for Staresso

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