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New improved stainless steel version of the popular coffee machine. The body of the coffee machine (inner chamber and thread) is already made of stainless steel, which significantly extends the life of the coffee machine and increases the robustness of the machine.  The legs of the coffee machine were also strengthened, currently in a gray design.

Portable coffee maker Staresso Mirage 4rd generation prepares tasty espresso with no electricity needed. By simple pumping, reach the pressure of 15 - 20 bars, compared to regular espresso machine.

Attractive design as a spaceship with foldable stand. Coffee maker has very robust construction, prepares the coffee standing on any surface. It also contains built-in coffee cup.  Prepare two cups of coffee in one shot.

Coffee maker weighs 600 grams. Due to its size, it is suitable to transport but also as static coffee maker as the replacement of the regular coffee machine at home, at work or in the weekend home.

If you look for portable coffee maker with minimal size, we recommend to choose coffee makers Wacaco Nanopresso (336g) or Wacaco minipresso (360g)

Working pressure is in your hands thanks to the intensity of pumping you choose

Coffee maker Staresso Mirage is made of durable plastic, of course, with no BPA contentPortafilter from stainless steel. Built-in coffee cup from the stainless steel.

Dimensions: 11 x 9 x 27 cm, weight: 600 g, water dispenser: 180 ml,  maxcoffee dispenser: 18-22 g, maximum pressure: 15 - 20 bars. Colour: black. Coffee: ground Nespresso capsules.

Portafilter diameter: 51mm. You can push the coffee into the portafilter with the help of a 51 mm tamper, which you will find in our offer here.

Packed in the box, manual in Slovak language included.

Staresso Mirage set:

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