Staresso Mirage PLUS 2023 | SP-300 PRO

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94,90 €
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Brand: Staresso

The latest - the improved 2023 PLUS version, this upgrade includes:

  • a larger and more powerful pump for even more efficient operation,
  • better construction – added stainless steel elements instead of the original plastic ones,
  • stronger machine construction of the coffee machine - the inner chamber and threads are made of stainless steel, which significantly extends the life of the coffee machine and increases its robustness,
  • naked portafilter - improved pressurized version.
  • the new version does not have a spout for the preparation of 2 coffees.

The Staresso Mirage 3rd generation portable coffee maker prepares tasty espresso without the need for electricity. With a simple pump, you can reach the pressure of 15-20 bars compared to a normal espresso machine.

Attractive spaceship design with folding stand. The coffee maker has a very sturdy construction, which allows making coffee on any surface. It also comes with a built-in coffee cup.

The coffee maker weighs 600 grams. Due to its size, it is suitable for transportation, but also as a static coffee maker to substitute the regular coffee machine at home, at work or in the weekend home.

If you are looking for a portable coffee maker with minimal size, we recommend you choose the Wacaco Nanopresso (336g) or  the Wacaco minipresso (360g)

The working pressure is in your hands thanks to the intensity of the pumping you choose. 

The Staresso Mirage coffeemaker is made of durable plastic and is BPA free. Stainless steel portafilter. Built-in stainless steel coffee cup.

Dimensions: 11 x 9 x 27 cm, weight: 600 g, water capacity: 180 ml,  maxcoffee capacity: 18-22 g, maximum pressure: 15 - 20 bar. Colour: black. Coffee: ground Nespresso capsules.

Portafilter diameter: 53mm. You can press the coffee into the portafilter with the help of a 53 mm tamper, which you can find in our offer here.

Packed in a box, manual included.

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Staresso Mirage set:

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