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The W1 filter from the British manufacturer ROK allows you to make filtered 'pour-over' coffee in a simple and effective way. 

The unique W-shape gives you consistent filtration without the need for complicated techniques or special filter paper. 
Simply use a standard filter paper and form it into a W shape with your finger. 
Just place the W1 directly on top of your cup or coffee pot, pour in your freshly ground coffee evenly and you're ready to pour hot water over the top.

With this filter shape, there is no need to pour the hot water slowly with a gooseneck kettle (the traditional way of pouring with a V1). Just pour the water from any kettle and let it filter through.

Advantages of the Rok W1

  • Consistent filtration due to the unique W-shape
  • Possibility to filter directly into the cup/kettle
  • No need to pour water slowly from a gooseneck kettle

Pack contents: W1 filter, 10 pieces of white filter paper, ring for better positioning of the filter paper.

Material: Biodegradable bamboo composite and glass composite. Pack size: 135 x 135 x 77mm Weight: 0.24kg

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