Flair Articulating Shot Mirror

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29,90 €
Ex Tax: 24,92 €
Flair Espresso
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Brand: Flair Espresso

Buy a magnetic, articulating shot mirror for your Flair and easily watch the beauty of your extractions as they pour into your cup. The mirror articulates in any direction for easy manipulation and attaches to the base of your Flair post or base via an adhesive magnetic disc that must be applied prior to use.

Enjoy the beauty of your espresso, or use the mirror to help you dial in and identify the channeling.

What’s included:

  • Articulating shot mirror with magnetic base attachment
  • Stainless steel coin with 3M adhesive strip


  • Flair 58 family (attach to post - 2023 model, attach to base - older models)
  • Flair PRO, Signature, Classic and NEO (attach to base)

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