Barista kit for Wacaco Nanopresso

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34,90 €
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The Barista Kit contains everything you need to make a double espresso from 16g of coffee and 120ml of water + other equipment.

Thanks to the 18 bar pressure, Nanopresso can make a delicious coffee from twice as much ground coffee. The kit is housed in a compact body with similar dimensions to Nanopresso.

This kit will delight any coffee lover who not only loves coffee itself, but also likes to prepare it while travelling.

Barista kit contains:

- 2x 16g ground coffee cup with lid for transport (coffee ground in advance),
- 120 ml water dispenser,
- 140 ml coffee cup,
- tamper for perfect coffee compression,
- 1x 8g ground coffee cup with lid for transport,
- extension for the use of 16g coffee jug,
- manual.

Nanopresso coffee machine not included in the pac

If you would like to pack the Nanopresso machine with the Barista kit adapter for a double portion of coffee into the hard case, check our coffee machine case + adapter.


Wacaco – innovative coffeemakers for many years

Wacaco is an innovative coffee machine manufacturer that has been dedicated to the development of travel coffee machines and accessories for many years. The Nanopresso coffee machine is the improved version of the best-selling Minipresso. Compared to the previous version, the pressure is higher, the dimensions are smaller, cleaning is easier and the water dispenser is larger.


Nanopresso Barista set:

Nanopresso Barista set PRO:

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