How do I choose the Wacaco Nanopresso and its equipment?

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of the different types of coffee machine accessories and how to combine them.

You can also read the official Wacaco product brochure (updated 5/2022). You can find the brochure here.


Update from 11/2021 - new Wacaco Picopresso:

At the end of 2021, Wacaco launched a new product - the Picopresso coffee machine. Nanopresso and Picopresso may look like similar coffee machines, but they are actually aimed at different users.

The Picopresso will appeal to more experienced users as it has a professional stainless steel basket, similar to those found on more expensive lever coffee machines. In order to obtain satisfactory results with the Picopresso, it is necessary to have access to freshly roasted coffee and, above all, a good quality grinder.

The Nanopresso will appeal to everyone else, even if you use lower quality coffee, it will make a tasty espresso with a rich cream. If you normally use an automatic coffee machine or a classic lever machine and buy your ground coffee in a shop, we recommend Nanopresso.


Wacaco Nanopresso coffee maker and colour options (69,90€)

wacaco nanopresso

All Nanopresso coffeemakers produce the same coffee. It is the same type, just in a different colour.

A fabric case is included with each colour. For a black coffee machine, we offer the option of of purchasing a hard case at a special price.

If you are interested in a coloured coffeemaker with a hard case, you will need to purchase a size S hard case separately.


Accessories:  Barista Kit (32,90€)

barista kit

The Barista Kit allows you to make a double espresso or two small piccolos at the same time.

The Barista Kit includes two expandable screw-on extensions for the Nanopresso coffee machine:

- an enlarged 140ml water tank (compared to the standard 80ml),

- reduction, allowing you to use an enlarged 16g coffee dispenser (standard capacity is 8g).

It also includes accessories: tamper to press the coffee into the dispenser, 2x 16g dispensers with lid for transfer, 1x 8g dispenser with lid for transfer, large espresso cup.

All components are screwed together in a plastic housing, so the Barista Kit will not rattle during transport and all parts are perfectly protected.


Accessories: Nespresso Adapter (24,90€)

ns adapter

As the name suggests, this is an adapter for use with Nespresso capsules. If you have a Nespresso machine at home and buy capsules, this adapter is a must.

The advantage of making coffee in a capsule on the move is that the coffee can be easily stored without losing its aroma. The disadvantage, of course, is that the capsule cannot be recycled.

The Nespresso adapter can also be used with our eco-friendly refillable capsules, see the offer.

The Nespresso adapter can be screwed onto the Nanopresso coffee machine or carried separately in the fabric case separately.


Accessories: Hard travel case (19,90€)

puzdro nanopresso

The hard case provides the ultimate impact protection for your coffee maker and accessories. Made from high quality material with soft interior. Closes with a zip.

When transporting the Nanopresso coffee machine, choose size S.

When transporting the Nanopresso + Nespresso Adapter, choose size M.

Choose size L if you are transporting a Nanopresso + screw-on Nespresso adapter or 16g coffee adapter from a Barista Kit and a larger water tank from a Barista Kit.


Accessories: Barista microfibre towels (9,90€)

These towels are perfect for wiping away water or coffee spillage from the coffee machine and its accessories. Made from high quality microfibre.

Featuring the Wacaco logo, they fitbarista towels perfectly with the coffee maker accessories.

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