Staresso Rock2More (yellow) - milk frother

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29,90 €
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Brand: Staresso

Rock2More is a multi-purpose manual milk frother and shaker for preparing delicious cocktails.

Thanks to the built-in stainless steel microfilter, frothing milk is really effective. 

The diameter of the container allows you to insert the Staresso PRO coffee machine (SP-200) directly into the body of the milk frother, so you can extract the coffee directly into the freshly frothed milk.

Colour version: yellow.

Methods of use:

  • Up and down movements: heavy ingredients and long froths
  • Rotating movements: frothing the milk
  • Opposite movements: bubble reduction

Advantages of the Rock2More Staresso 

  • Multi-purpose use - frother and shaker in one.
  • The 550 µm micro-filter ensures efficient milk foaming.
  • Winner of the red dot design 2022.
  • Easy to use, magnetic filter design.
  • Compatible with the Staresso PRO (SP-200) coffee machine.

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