Reusable ECO capsules PRO for Dolce Gusto ® - 3 pcs

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Brand: ECO capsules

dolce gusto kapsule

With the PRO version, you can prepare coffee with a richer crema thanks to a more sophisticated coffee filter.

Compared to the classic version, the filter is made of several parts with a similar construction as the portafilter of the lever coffee machine. The base is a pure stainless steel filter, which covers the entire bottom of the capsule.

Currently we offer the latest, third generation. It contains an improved cap, which distributes hot water more evenly into the capsule with an additional filter directly in the cap.

The package now includes 3 spare silicone seals, which extend the life of the entire capsule. If the seal on the capsule starts to flow, you no longer have to throw out the whole capsule, just replace the seal.

One capsule is designed for at least 100 uses (based on more than 3 years of testing this model).

If you are looking for long-life Dolce Gusto ® refillable capsules, we recommend purchasing a stainless steel capsule.

Packaging: 3x plastic capsule, 3x plastic-stainless steel strainer, 6x rubber seal. Packed in a cardboard box.

The capsules are made of food grade plastic (BPA free).

Compatible with all Dolce Gusto® coffee machines except Krups KP2000 and KP130831. If you have just mentioned the models, the Sealpod stainless steel capsule will fit you.

How to distinguish ECO capsules from imitations?

dolce gusto kapsule

Each ECO capsule is marked with our logo from 1.7.2021. This way, you can be sure that you are buying a truly proven product that will work as expected.

How to use a reusable capsule?

  1. Fill the capsule with coffee to the brim and gently squeeze with a spoon.
  2. Close the plastic lid.
  3. Insert the capsule into the coffee machine so that the needle fits into the pre-prepared hole.
  4. Proceed as if it were an original capsule.
  5. All done. Enjoy the coffee of your choice and start saving :-)

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Reusable ECO capsules for Dolce Gusto ® - 3 pcs

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