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Flair Espresso
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Brand: Flair Espresso

The Flair Neo Flex is the manual espresso maker for beginners.

With Flair Neo, you can make a great espresso manually.

Advantages of the Flair NEO Flex coffee machine

  • mechanical coffee machine for beginning baristas
  • strong and at the same time light polycarbonate frame
  • 2 portafilters included:
    Flow control portafilter - perfect for beginners who use ground coffee from the store, the portafilter automatically regulates the pressure to achieve a better result.
    Bottomless 2in1 portafilter - the ideal solution for home baristas who want to control all aspects of extraction, the portafilter requires a high-quality coffee grinder with regulation of grinding thickness.

Weight: 2,05 kg.

In the Box:

NEO Flex base, NEO Flex lever assembly, Flow-Control portafilter, Bottomless 2-in-1 portafilter, Dosing cup, Funnel, Preheat Cap, Instruction manual, graduation disc (1), training disc (2). 

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