ARAM Ultimatum Tamper – Solo

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Brand: Aram coffee

The ARAM Ultimatum Tamper - Solo is the premium tamper designed to deliver consistency and precision with every use, making it an essential tool for both professional baristas and coffee enthusiasts.
With its ergonomic handle, the ARAM Ultimatum Tamper sits comfortably in your hand, ensuring a perfect tamp without straining your wrist. The high quality stainless steel base is designed to withstand the rigours of daily use.

When using the ARAM Ultimatum tamper, Sensus® technology allows the user to apply pressure to the coffee powder using the palm of the hand. Once the set pressure is reached, the Sensus system rises and produces a slight audible pop, signalling to the user that the correct compacting force has been achieved and no further pressure is required.
This feature is particularly useful in ensuring that the coffee powder is always compacted to the correct degree, promoting high repeatability without wasting energy and time.

The tamping force can be adjusted between 7.4kg and 13.9kg, allowing the user to set their preferred tamping pressure. This adjustability ensures that the tamper can be tailored to the user's preference or the specific requirements of the coffee blend being used.

Advantages of ARAM ultimatum tamper

  • Consistent Tamping - Ensures even and consistent tamping pressure for a perfect espresso shot every time.
  • Adjustable Force - Allows the compaction force to be adjusted between 7.4kg and 13.9kg.
  • Auditory Feedback - Provides an audible pop when the desired tamping pressure is reached, reducing guesswork.
  • Ease of Use - Ergonomically designed for comfortable and efficient use, saving effortand time.

Technical specifications:

  • Disc diameter: 53,3 mm (Aram compatible)
  • Height: 54 mm
  • Width: 72 mm
  • Weight with wood base: 340g
  • Material: Stainless steel. Aluminium Aerospace, Polyacetal, Noble Wood. 


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