9Barista Espresso Machine

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559,00 €
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Brand: 9Barista

9Barista is a mechanical coffee maker, similar to a moka pot, made from top quality materials with patented dual boiler technology. The first boiler generates the pressure and the second regulates the temperature.

This technology automatically monitors and sets the perfect conditions for making espresso without the use of electronics. The result is a perfect café-quality espresso without the need to monitor and influence the extraction process.

9Barista is elegant in design, simple in construction and, above all, easy to transport due to its minimal dimensions.9barista espresso machine

Advantages of the 9barista coffee machine

  • patented two boilers technology
  • automatic control over extraction process
  • purely mechanical design without electronic parts
  • compact dimensions, suitable for camping / caravan
  • quality design from premium materials
  • elegant design

Package includes

9barista espresso machine, 9barista tamper, heat transfer plate (for use on gas, ceramic and electric hobs), spare safety ring, spare boiler gasket, instruction manual.)

Recommended accessories

  • A quality grinder - that is of course the basis. From our offer, for example, 1Z presso K-ultra or Wacaco Exagrind.
  • Digital scale - with a weighing accuracy of 0.1g. From our Wacaco Exagram range, which also includes other useful features and compact dimensions.
  • Reduction plate for induction - we offer an original 9Barista plate with a compatible diameter.

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