How to choose a travel coffee maker?

travel coffee maker

In this article , we will help you to choose the best travel coffee maker based on its use.

Most travel coffee machines create pressure mechanically, either by pressing the piston or lever . Travel espresso coffee machines and mechanical lever coffee machines work in this way.

Another group are hybrid coffee machines that create pressure by boiling water or simply filter coffee.

In this article, we divided travel coffee machines into three groups :

  1. Travel espresso coffee machines
  2. Hybrid travel coffee machines
  3. Travel coffee machines for baristas

1. Travel espresso coffee machines

Wacaco Nanopresso wacaco nanopresso

The ground coffee model weighs 336 g, reaches a pressure of up to 18 bars. The coffee maker is available in various colors.

These coffee machines can be expanded with the help of a wide range of accessories, for example a barista kit, an adapter for Nespresso or Dolce Gusto capsules. It is also "lego" for coffee drinkers.

advantages : low weight, wide expansion possibilities

Wacaco Minipresso NS2

The latest Nespresso capsule model weighs only 290g, reaches a pressure of up to 18 bars. In conjunction with the hard case for the capsule, it will be an ideal companion on the go.

The advantage of Nespresso capsules lies in the simple use and replacement of the capsule on the go without the need for washing. The disadvantage is of course the ecological burden of this solution.

advantages : low weight, convenient use in combination with a solid case

Staressa Mirage

A very robust espresso coffee machine, the strongest of our offer. Weighs 600 g, can develop a pressure of up to 20 bars.

You pump coffee by pressing the piston against the coffee machine, which must stand on a solid surface. The coffee maker can be upgraded to a professional version with the help of an additional professional basket.

advantages : robust construction, possibility of use with a professional basket

Staresso / mini

The construction is more fragile compared to Wacaco coffee machines or the Staresso Mirage version.

Due to its construction, it is more suitable for indoor use, for example in the kitchen of a boarding house during a skiing trip, summer vacation, in a cottage or in a caravan.

The coffee maker contains a glass cup into which the coffee is pumped by pressing the piston opposite the coffee maker. The plunger slides out from the top of the coffee maker.

The coffee maker can create a pressure of 15-20 bars. It works for ground coffee or Nespresso capsules without the need to purchase an adapter. It is even possible to whip milk with the unscrewed piston.

advantages : low price

2. Hybrid travel coffee machines

Bellman CX-25P bellman cx-25p

The pressure in the coffee maker is created by heating the water (standard on a gas stove). You can prepare coffee for up to 3-9 people for one use. The built-in milk frother and pressure gauge are also an advantage. There is also a version without pressure gauge CX-25 and the CX-25S or CX-25SP milk frother itself.

advantages : prepares more coffees for one use, built-in milk frother


A hybrid coffee machine that consists of two boilers. The first boiler heats the water, the second creates pressure.

Wacaco Pipamoka

In principle, it is a coffee machine for preparing filtered coffee and a thermos mug in one. The coffee is filtered by vacuum, which is created by screwing the filter with the coffee.

Cafflano Klassik

Coffee maker for preparing classic filtered coffee. This coffee maker hides several components: a thermal mug, a permanent coffee filter, a water pot and a removable grinder.

3. Travel coffee machines for baristas

Wacaco Picopresso flair 58

It works on the same hitch as the Wacaco Nanopresso, but all aspects of this coffee maker are improved. The coffee maker is supplied with a professional basket.

The advantage is the possibility to turn this travel coffee machine into a home mechanical coffee machine with the help of additional accessories (coffee machine stand or pressure gauge).

Flair 58

Mechanical lever coffee machine for real baristas. This is the flagship of Flair espresso, it is the best you can buy from this manufacturer.

In combination with a plastic travel case, the Flair 58 can also be classified as a travel coffee maker. The coffee maker includes a standard 58 mm portafilter.

Flair PRO2 / Classic

Mechanical lever coffee maker at an affordable price. The coffee maker can be transported with the help of a nylon case (included in the package). The pressure is created by levering, similar to the Flair 58 model, but it no longer includes the standard coffee lever or the standard portafilter.

However, the advantage is the significantly more compact dimensions than the Flair 58 model, and the lower price will also please you.

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