1Zpresso JX - coffee grinder

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Brand: 1Zpresso

The high-quality, manual coffee grinder from the certified manufacturer 1Zpresso in the JX is suitable for alternative techniques.

Purpose: pour over / drip. Number of steps (clicks): 30. Material of grinding stones: stainless steel. Step size (click): 25 microns.

Weight: 683g. Dimensions: 17 x 5,7 x 18 cm. Color: silver. Grounds capacity: 30-35g. Disassembly: screwing.

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Grinding mechanism

The 1Zpresso J-max grinder is equipped with 48 mm conical ground stones. Two bearings ensure smooth grinding and the size of the grinding stones also supports fast and quick grinding.

Grinding adjustment

The grinding thickness is set on the ring at the top of the grinder. There are up to 30 levels of settings to choose from. One step is only 25 microns, so the grinding thickness setting is very flexible.

Materials used

The 1Zpresso J-max grinder is made only of durable materials. The body is made of aluminum alloy combined with stainless steel. The handle is wooden.

Advantages of the 1Zpresso JX grinder

  • quality, all-stainless steel design in combination with wood
  • conical shape of grinding stones, 48 ​​mm
  • up to 30 levels of grinding thickness, 1 step takes only 25 microns
  • easy, smooth grinding thanks to the bearings and large grinding stones

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