Titanium wood-burning stove – portable

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This wood-burning stove is an excellent help when heating water in nature and on the road. Made of durable and light titanium.

The wood-burning stove is foldable, it can be easily folded into a compact flat version. Included also a practical nylon case, so no worries anymore about make your bag dirty after the use.

Option to fry a sausage on the stove and when using the grill device also grill some small portions (not included).

This wood stove is very efficient when it comes to fuel. A few twigs will be enough to heat a cup of water, no need for a large fire to heat the single cup of water. The stove can also be lit outside the designated area for fire (of course on a non-flammable surface), e.g., in work, on the beach, gravel, concrete and similar surfaces.

Material: titanium, Weight: 200 g, height: 160 mm, base width: 123 mm, top area width: 96 mm, sheet thickness: 0,5 mm. Instructions to use included.

Advantages of the wood stove:

  • made of durable and light titanium
  • fuel efficiency
  • easy to carry
  • stable base
  • protective case included
  • weight only 200g

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